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MP3 Trouble Shooting

Mobile Devices

Android and Windows devices can download and save mp3 files directly to the device and playback the files without being connected to the internet.

iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod do not have a user accessible file system and the files will be "streamed" when connected to the internet, and inaccessible when offline.  If you have problems downloading the mp3 file to your device (and want to play the file when offline), you can use these options:


Playing the recordings

You can play the mp3 files using:

  • Your computer: Find the file on your computer, then simply double click the file. This will open the file in a programme that will play the recording e.g. Windows Media Player. If you can't find the file on your computer, type the file name into the search function (Windows - start, then search). If you still can't find the file, download it again, this time choosing to download to your desktop when the 'save as' option box opens.
  • An mp3 player: Connect your mp3 player. Use your normal programme to transfer the file to the mp3 player.
  • A CD player: You will first have to transfer the file to a blank CD

*If burning MP3 files to CD, use CD-/+R rather than CD-/+RW. Most newer CD players will play mp3 files, but older ones may not.


Download problems
You will be sent an automated email from or with order confirmation and download instructions to your Paypal email address.

If you have not received the automated email, please check your spam folder, or email me, letting me know your Paypal email address if different, at carol (at)

Click on the link in the email to visit your download page.

Click on the file names on the download page to download your files. If you have difficulty with downloading the mp3 files:

  • Try 'right clicking' on the file name, and select 'save link as' or 'save target as', then choose where to download the file.
  • If you have downloaded the file but cannot find it on your computer, try searching for the name of the file, or look in your default 'downloads' folder.
  • Payloadz order lookup (to re-download items previously purchased previously via Payloadz)
  • Contact me if you have tried everything else, and I can send you your purchased mp3 files via an alternative download server at and  MP3 recordings 

Copyright  Carol Vivyan 2010-2021

I maintain the Copyright on all the verbal content of the recordings and the written scripts on this page. 

J Cottam 2010-2021

Josh Cottam holds the rights to the composition and musical score of all the music available on this webpage.

 Carol & Malcolm Vivyan and J Cottam 2010-2021
Each of the recordings are protected:  the Phonographic Rights are held by myself, my husband Malcolm, and my son Josh Cottam. 

After purchase, we give permission for them to be used by individuals, and by individual therapists with their own personal clients. Therapists are able to reproduce them for their personal clients, but...

the recordings, musical score or scripts must NOT be resold nor otherwise used for profit.

If one or more audio recordings are being used by more than one therapist, or by other institutions or organisations, then purchase of a Site Licence is necessary before making copies of the audio recordings.

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