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Free Downloads - CBT Information Leaflets & Self Help Guides

CBT Information Leaflets & Self Help Guides (free downloads).

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For a specific condition or approach, find information via Problems  or  Solutions  pages. 

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STOPP  CBT in a nutshell.  5 first aid self help steps. Learn this one key skill !

STOPP2  handouts on 1 sheet

STOPP Light- simpler version

STOPP Light  - 2 handouts on 1 sheet



Alphabetical List of Information Leaflets & Self Help Guides


Accepting Anxiety

ACE:  Achieve, Connect, Enjoy

ACT:  Accept, Choose, Take Action

Adult ADHD


Alarming Adrenaline

Anger Self Help

Anger Quick Reference

Anorexia Self Help

Anxiety Self Help

Anxiety Quick Reference

APPLE:  A mindful response to thoughts

APPLE:  Tolerating uncertainty

Are You Happy?


Automatic Thoughts

BACES: Body, Achieve, Connect, Enjoy, Step back

Battery: Behavioural activation using LIFT vs DOWN activity

Behavioural Activation: Increasing Activity

Beyond Our Control


Bulimia & Binge Eating  Self help

Cards:  8 Pocket Sized Reminder Cards

Card Pack: 56 Cards For Self Help  (to purchase)

Change, Accept Or Let Go? What are my options?

Chronic Pain / Fatigue  Self help

CLEAN:  5 steps to personal wellbeing

Colour : self help & breathing visualisation

Communication Styles


Compassionate Kitbag

Compassion Self Help

Coping With Suicidal thoughts

Cycling Metaphor:  CBT for cyclists

Dealing With Distress - 39 pages, DBT based

Dealing With Negative Emotions

Defusion Exercises  ACT.  Seeing thoughts differently.

Dementia Factsheet

Depression  Self help

Depression Quick Reference

Dialectics:  Creating the Bridge to Middle Ground

Different Perspectives

DRIFT: The Distant & Restless Inner Focus Trap

EMDR  Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing

Emergency Or Soothe Bag / Box : First aid for distress

Emotions:  Thoughts, feelings, behaviours

Fact Or Opinion?

Fact Or Opinion cards

Fear Or Danger?

Finding Alternative Thoughts


Finding Meaning Finding Meaning


Flashbacks:  Coping with flashbacks including grounding techniques

Food:  Health eating & depression

GAD Self Help   Generalised Anxiety Disorder & Worry

Great Dream

  Groups:  CBT open group therapy

Health Anxiety Self Help

Helicopter View

Imagery For Cancer

Imagery Self Help

Imagery:  Safe / peaceful place

Increasing Activity:  Behavioural activation

Insomnia Self Help:  Sleeping problems

Keep Calm & Carry On:  Cards on blue

Keep Calm & Carry On:  Cards on red

Keep Calm & Carry On:  Poster on red

Keep Calm & Do No Harm:  Cards on red

Keep Calm & Do No Harm: Poster on red


Finding MeaningMeaning & Purpose


Mind Bully

Mindfulness:  Introduction

Mindful Breathing

Mindfulness of Emotions

Mindfulness:  NOW

Mindfulness:  The visitor

Mindful Rationale:  Why by mindful?

Motivation: Increasing

Music:  Using music therapeutically & mindful music

New Browser Window

Nourishing & Depleting Activities : Energising vs draining

NOW: Mindfulness for busy people

  OCD Self Help: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Paddling your own Canoe

Panic Self help

Phobias Self help

Poisoned Parrot : Metaphor for unhelpful / self-critical thoughts

  Positive Affirmations

Positive Steps To Wellbeing

Psychosis Clock

Psychosis:  Paranoia & Voices Self Help

PTSD Self Help   Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Rucksacks Therapy metaphor

  Rumination & Worry

Low Self Esteem Self help

Low Self Esteem Quick Reference

Self Help Course:  The complete 60 page, 7 step course

Self Help Course Step 1

Self Help Course Step 2

Self Help Course Step 3

Self Help Course Step 4

Self Help Course Step 5

Self Help Course Step 6

Self Help Course Step 7

Self Help For Anger

Self Help For Anorexia

Self Help For Anxiety

Self Help For Bulimia & Binge Eating

Self Help For Chronic Pain / Fatigue

Self Help For Depression

Self Help For GAD & Worry  Generalised anxiety Disorder

Self Help For Health Anxiety

Self Help For Low Self Esteem

Self Help For OCD  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Self Help For Panic

Self Help For Phobias

Self Help For Psychosis:  Paranoia & Voices

Self Help For PTSD  Post Traumatic Stress

Self Help For Sleep Problems / Insomnia

Self Help For Social Anxiety

Self Help For Stress

Self Help For Substance Misuse

SHARP Specs: Notice the positives

Sleep Self help

Social Anxiety Self help


Stay Home Self Help Pack


STOPP  CBT in a nutshell. 5 first aid self help steps. Learn this one key skill!

STOPP  2 handouts on 1 sheet

STOPP Light  - simpler version

STOPP Light  - 2 handouts on 1 sheet

STOPP cards

Stress Self help

Stress Response:  Brain diagram

Substance Misuse Self Help

Super Scanner

Super Scanner:  Health Anxiety

Ten Secrets To Happiness



Tolerating Uncertainty

Trauma & The Brain

Unhelpful Thinking Habits

Unhelpful Thinking Habits & Alternatives

Unhelpful Thinking Habits: Finding Alternatives


Wheel of Emotions

Worry & GAD Self Help

Worry Tree

Worry Zones & Postponing Worry

WRAP Wellness Plan

Writing: using writing in therapy



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