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Self Help for Distress  - Now

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Read the CBT introduction page, then work through the CBT self help course

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Self Help Pages

About Automatic Thoughts

ACE Activity

ACT: Accept, Choose, Take Action!

Accept, Change or Let Go?

ADHD (Adult)


Anger Self Help

Anorexia Self Help

Anxiety Self Help

APPLE:  Tolerating Uncertainty

Assertiveness & Interpersonal Effectiveness

Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (Adult)

BACES:  Steps to positive mental health

Breathe:  Mindful Breathing

Bulimia & Binge Eating Self Help

CBT Self Help Course Step 1

Christian Mental Health

Christian Meditation

Chronic Pain and Fatigue Self Help

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: How it can help

Colour for Health

Colour Breathing

Communication Styles

Coping with Flashbacks

Court Case:  Thought Challenging

Cycling in Cycles: a self help metaphor

Dealing with Negative Emotions

Dealing with Suicidal Thoughts

Defusion Techniques

Depression Self Help

Different Perspectives (inc. Mental Crusher)


Distress Tolerance


Emergency or Soothe Box: First Aid for Distress


Emotion Regulation

Energising vs Draining Activity

Fact or Opinion?

Finding Meaning & Purpose

Flashbacks: Grounding Techniques

Flexible Thinking

GAD & Worry Self Help

Health Anxiety Self Help


Imagery for Self Help

Imagery for Physical Health Conditions

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Low Self Esteem Self Help




Mindfulness of Emotions

MultiModal Therapy Self Help

MultiModal Therapy Treatment Plan

Music for Health

NOW: Mindfulness for busy people

Notice the Positives

OCD Self Help

Overcoming Avoidance

Panic Self Help

Phobias Self Help

Poisonous Parrot

Positive Coping Statements

Positive Steps to Wellbeing

Problem Solving

Psychosis Self Help

PTSD Self Help

Purposeful Living

Quotes for Therapy

Relationship Worksheet


Rucksacks: Therapy Metaphor

Self Help for Distress - now!

Self Help Books from Amazon

Self Help MP3 downloads

Self Help Sheets

Sleep Self Help


Social Anxiety Self Help


Stress Self Help

Suicidal Thoughts

Substance Misuse Self Help


Tapping: EFT & TFT

The Helicopter View

The Mind Bully

Thought Challenging

Tolerating Uncertainty

Unhelpful Thinking Habits

Videos for Self Help

Wise Mind

Worry Tree

Worry Zones & Postponing Worry


5 Steps to Wellbeing:  CLEAN